Amorgos – weddings & honeymoons

Amorgos – weddings & honeymoons

Amorgos – The ‘Big Blue’ Greek Island

Those of you who have seen the movie ‘The Big Blue’ will understand why this Greek paradise is the ultimate location for their own romantic story

The gorgeous Greek Island of Amorgos is one of the most beautiful in the Aegean Sea. It nestles close to the popular islands of Lo Naxos and Ios, on the southern side of the Cyclades, and boasts traditional architecture, fabulous beaches and harmony with nature. No surprises then that the island inspired the filmmaker Luc Besson to shoot scenes of the movie The Big Blue on the beach of Agia Anna.

Landmarks and villages

Strolling around Amorgos will bring you to abandoned churches, hilltops with breathtaking views to the Aegean, authentic villages and secluded beaches. With its long history, stretching back to 5000 BC, locals have carefully preserved this part of the Aegean Sea, which can be seen with one of the best-known landmarks on Amorgos – the spectacular Monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa, which was built around the year 812 AD to protect a religious icon from intruders, on a cliffside with breathtaking ocean views.

You will also be enchanted by the charming white villages, which are rich in culture and tradition. Chora is the capital village, situated 400 meters above the sea and offering panoramic sea views. It has a labyrinth of narrow alleys to explore with pretty churches and traditional Greek taverns – and did we mention the beautiful sunsets? Aegialis and Katapola are the island’s two other main villages, which are also popular holiday and honeymoon destinations.

Beautiful beaches

Amorgos is famous for its lovely beaches lapped by warm, crystal clear waters in amazing hues of azure blue and turquoise. Agia Anna and Agios Pavlos are gorgeous beaches, however there are 19 stunning beaches on the island to choose from, of which the most popular are Katapola and Aegialis. However, if you are looking for peaceful seclusion you can discover delightful beaches and coves that can be only accessed on foot. Nudism is frequently practiced in some Amorgos beaches that are ideal for total privacy! Whilst on the island, you can discover The Big Blue for yourself and go diving – the coastline of Amorgos is surrounded by old wrecks and interesting reefs just begging to be explored!

Marry in Amorgos

The Greek Island of Amorgos is an excellent choice for weddings, with its perfect climate and choice of beautiful venues with scenic backdrops – from natural landscape and green olive groves to stunning sandy beaches. Amorgos is a year-round destination with mild winters and plenty of sunshine throughout the year, and if you choose to marry in spring, an abundance of flowers and herbs will create a blaze of colour for your wedding.

Marriages in Amorgos are legally recognized in the UK, so you can have both religious and civil weddings at a venue of your choice – including one of the pretty local churches and chapels where you can arrive by donkey, and celebrate into the night in traditional Greek style with hours of merry-making! Or choose a barefoot beach ceremony and say “I do” as you stand in the warm waters of the Aegean Sea at sunset. If you prefer you can hold your wedding by the hotel pool – wedding packages are available at the luxurious 5-star Aegialis Hotel & Spa (, where you can dance the night away after your ceremony accompanied by local musicians on the violin and bouzouki around the hotel pool and terraces.

The legal paperwork

You will need the following documents for your wedding ceremony in Amorgos:

Civil Ceremony

  • Full Birth Certificate
  • Divorce decree or Death Certificate
  • Certificate of No Impediment
  • Apostille stamp (to certify that a document is a true copy of the original).
  • Change of Name or Deed Poll Certificate (if relevant)
  • Adoption Certificate (if relevant)
  • Baptism Certificate (for Catholic or Greek Orthodox ceremonies)
  • Document Translations

Religious Protestant Ceremony

  • Both parties must show evidence of Christian faith and baptism
  • Certificate from their Pastor for a series of pre-marital counseling sessions.
  • One of the parties must be of Protestant faith.
  • Two witnesses must be in attendance


Roman Catholic Ceremony

Catholic weddings can only be performed if the bride and groom were not previously married, either the bride or the groom must be Catholic and both must be baptized. Each couple must provide certificates of Baptism, confirmation and Freedom to marry.


After the wedding

After the ceremony the couple have a legal obligation to register the wedding at the local council within 40 days, failure to do so will result in the marriage having no validity. 

 Your Marriage Certificate will be issued in Greek, so you will be required to have it translated into English. Your original documents will be kept as records in the mayor’s office.

Top 5 things to do

  • Head down to Agia Anna beach where the The Big Blue was filmed, take your video camera and be a star in your own movie!
  • Go skinny-dipping on a nudist beach – we dare you!
  • Dine at a delightful Greek Tavern in one of the charming white-washed villages
  • Gaze in awe at the cliffside monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa – it’s over 1,000 years old!
  • Dive into the Big Blue Aegean Sea and discover for yourself why the famous film was such a box office hit!