Halkidiki – the spirit of Greece

A honeymoon in Halkidiki is good for the soul – from the deeply-religious eastern peninsular of Athos, with its ancient monasteries and extraordinary natural beauty, to the luxury holiday resorts with long sandy beaches lapped by the Aegean Sea

Greece has always been a favourite holiday destination for the Brits, with its endless sunshine, beautiful coastline, whitewashed villages and a choice of resorts and hotels to suit all tastes. However, honeymooners heading to Halkidiki, in the region of Macedonia, will discover a different side of Greece – one that is perfect for culture vultures and nature lovers as well as those seeking a wonderful beachside honeymoon. Halkidiki, in northeast Greece, is a spiritual area that seems to have been blessed by the gods – with lush green mountains, forests, long stretches of beautiful sandy beaches and the stunning azure hues of the Aegean Sea making this an idyllic honeymoon destination. The region is rich in history with much to see, do and discover. Read more»  

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