Wedding insurance

Wedding insurance

Wedding insurance – do I really need it?

You’ve planned your wedding, sorted out your budget, the enormity of your big day is building up and chances are, it will be perfect – but what happens if things go wrong? Don’t cross your fingers and hope for the best, take out wedding insurance!

Brides and grooms often get carried away with the excitement of planning their wedding and fail to consider what would happen if the venue is double booked, the wedding outfits are damaged in transit or worse still it has to be cancelled for reasons that are beyond your control.

According to the importance of being covered by insurance against potential disaster, however small, should not be overlooked when making your wedding plans. Wedding insurance will cover you financially against any of the things that can go wrong and spoil your day. Don’t you think you owe it to yourselves to get full insurance cover for your peace of mind, especially when saying “I do” overseas.

When you marry abroad, you have the added stress of you and your family and friends travelling to your chosen venue and all the problems that can bring. Your travel insurance will offer compensation if things go wrong with your travel and accommodation plans, but for all the other details of your wedding you need to check what is covered and what is not.

If you pay for certain items by credit card you should have a certain amount of protection by claiming back from your credit card supplier if things goes wrong – this covers goods or deposits costing between £100 and £30,000, using section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act (including problems constituting a breach of contract, including your wedding venue being double booked or your entertainment not showing up). But relying on credit card protection alone is a risk. For total peace of mind you need a comprehensive insurance policy covering you for every eventuality.

Stand Alone Wedding Insurance

You need to find a Wedding Insurance Policy that offers extended cover for an overseas wedding. A typical Wedding Insurance cover will protect you against the cancellation or re-arrangement of a wedding due to accident, illness or bereavement within the main wedding party, or if one of your suppliers goes bust. They usually protect you also against loss or damage to the main wedding outfits, presents, rings, cake, flowers, wedding transport and photography as well as and personal liability and legal expense.

Do, however, check the small print to establish what is covered and what is not and take out the right level of cover for your wedding – don’t be tempted by cheaper policies if it leaves you with insufficient cover should anything go wrong. You won’t be covered if either partner changes their mind, or if you can’t afford to go ahead with your wedding plans. Honeymoons also are not covered as standard either, though some companies will extend the policy to cover your honeymoon. If not, a Travel Insurance policy will cover honeymoons, including annual multi-trip insurance policies.

Buying your wedding insurance policy

When should you take out your wedding insurance? You can take out cover up to two years before your big day, and some insurers will even allow you to buy cover up to the day before your wedding. Prices vary – from as little as £30 to more than £200 for comprehensive cover. Before you take the policy out you need to carefully work out how much you plan to spend, then find a policy that covers everything.