Mother Nature has created perfection in this stunning collection of tropical coral islands, and thankfully the Maldivian government has been giving nature a helping hand by carefully nurturing the area to preserve its unique beauty. No wonder loved-up couples and newlyweds have chosen the Maldives as their number one honeymoon favourite.


It’s impossible to take a bad photograph in the Maldives, it’s Instagram heaven! Everywhere you look there are endless azure skies, crystal lagoons, swaying palms and white powder beaches. It’s almost too good to be true, but thankfully it isn’t! And there’s a beautiful Maldive resort just waiting to be discovered by couples to suit their individual budget and style!

The Maldives is a nation of around 1,190 tiny islands, many still uninhabited, grouped into 26 natural atolls in the Indian Ocean, beginning around 250 miles south west of India and stretching down towards the equator. These islands offer a wide range of hotel resorts, first class facilities and picture-perfect scenery.

Luxury hotels are built on private islands using natural materials indigenous to the islands and everywhere, the lush vegetation has been carefully preserved, marine life protected and beaches groomed and extended to create what can only be described as paradise

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"We always said that we would get married abroad but I didn’t necessairily want a traditional beach wedding. It is something that we had previously spoken about so once Qamar had proposed we knew that’s what would happen."

Lisa Tytler

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