Exchange your wedding vows in the Seychelles and be blessed with one of the world’s most perfect settings on your special day.

You will truly feel like royalty if you marry in the Seychelles – after all, this is where Prince William and Kate Middleton chose to spend their honeymoon. The stunning tropical islands in the Indian Ocean are a poet and novelist’s dream, it is said that Ian Fleming found inspiration for the James Bond novel, For Your Eyes Only after staying on the islands and it is sure to inspire you too!

Situated close to the Equator and 100 miles off the African coastline, the granite and coral islands of the Seychelles are the perfect choice for unforgettable weddings, blessings and honeymoons. A total of just 16 of the islands are habitable and provide a range of tropical island accommodation – ranging from rustic beachside bungalows to luxury five-star resorts.

 The history of the Seychelles is fascinating. The granite islands are actually the highest peaks of the submerged remnants of the super continent Gondwanaland, and represent the most ancient mid-ocean islands in the world, boasting some of the rarest species of flora and fauna and some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet, framed by granite boulders. According to legend, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Vallee de Mai, could be the original site of the biblical Garden of Eden. Today the Seychelles remain lush and natural, with little sign of the ravages of time and tourism.

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"We always said that we would get married abroad but I didn’t necessairily want a traditional beach wedding. It is something that we had previously spoken about so once Qamar had proposed we knew that’s what would happen."

Lisa Tytler

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