Oman is an exotic destination in the MIddle East with dramatic scenery, charm and more than its fair share of mystique


Oman is emerging as a new Middle Eastern honeymoon destination. Dubai may be popular and glamorous, with plenty of bling, but for couples seeking somewhere more traditional, mystical and exotic,  The Sultanate of Oman is the perfect choice.

Occupying the south-eastern peninsula of Arabia, Oman is a lanad rich in heritage, cultural treasures and dramatic scenery that sweeps from the warm, Arabian ocean to dramatic honey-coloured mountains. In recent years it has witnessed the opening of some truly world-class botels – from luxurious grand resorts to ultra chic boutique hotels that are perfect for honeymooners.

In the capital of Muscat you will discover a low-rise city with a traditional Arabic nature, in complete contrast to the colossal skyward expansion of Dubai, which is just a four-hour drive away.  Old Muscat is the spiritual heart of the capital and also where Sultan Qaboos resodes, so be sure to visit this unique palace and also the Grand Mosque, complete with the world’s biggest chandelier.

Stroll around the alleyways of the historic souk at Mattrah Mezoon and discver the exotic perfumes that Oman is famous for. Be sure to take a drive to the stunning Naklah Fort, Fort of Nizwa and Barka Fort to marvel at the spectacular architecture steeped in local history.

WHile the mercury nudges a ferocious 50 degrees C in high summer, by late autumn the temperaure drops to a much more pleasant 25-35 degrees C, making it a perfect autumn and winter honeymoon destination.

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"We always said that we would get married abroad but I didn’t necessairily want a traditional beach wedding. It is something that we had previously spoken about so once Qamar had proposed we knew that’s what would happen."

Lisa Tytler