Argentina is synonymous with old world glamour, wealth and passion, so where better to host a wedding or honeymoon than in this amazing Latin American country.

Argentina offers imposing colonial architecture, stunning landscapes, mouth-watering cuisine and vibrant culture. The country has enjoyed a heady revival in the past few years, with Madonna and Beyonce both huge fans.

Buenos Aires – city of romance

At the heart of Argentina lies undoubtedly the most romantic city in the whole of Latin America, Buenos Aires, a glamorous city, which is known to the locals as La Pequena Europa, or little Europe.


The city’s stunning colonial architecture dates from the 17th century with even modern buildings built to recreate neo-classical style. Its wide facades and numerous landscaped parks are reminiscent of a modern day French or Italian city. The 14-hour flight from the UK may seem long, but it is well worth it just to experience the food, rhythm and romance.

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"We always said that we would get married abroad but I didn’t necessairily want a traditional beach wedding. It is something that we had previously spoken about so once Qamar had proposed we knew that’s what would happen."

Lisa Tytler

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